No blog piece today, it still needs a bit of work and I haven’t had time to polish as I would like.

Instead, here are a few photos from Friday the 2nd of October, when I decided to take my camera on the dawn dog walk, breaking my rule.

This was the last day with mist, since then the sky has clouded and today rain arrived. There appears to have been a shift in the seasons, with summer now gone and winter knocking on the door. This morning there were three roe deer (there may have been more), sheltering in the valley. I suspect they will now stay over winter, as they usually do.

Winter is indeed coming.

Dawn Along The River

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One thought on “Dawn Along The River

  • October 6, 2015 at 23:24

    Great photos, conjuring up the spirits of Autumn with a nod to Summer as she vaporizes through the dawn.


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