This is not really a proper post, merely a short message to let you know of my new home.

Since early 2017 I have owned the domain and, whilst I have also paid for hosting, all that could be seen there was a ‘coming soon’ page.

A favourite island haunt, soon to return to… Koh Mak is quieter than other Thai islands.

There have been a number of reasons for this, some technical, some a lack of time or perhaps even poor time management. I should have maybe prioritised this site but, until recently, it did not feel like such a priority. After all, I could be found on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook, and even on Tumblr (apparently it’s still a thing).

I have also been busy writing, as I’m sure you know, both my own words and those I create for others for money. I am nearly ready to unleash certain things upon the world and it became a necessity that I finish the site to promote these. I wanted a home in line with my semi-nomadic, slow-travelling lifestyle, something that I could carry with me from one interest to another.

The name says it all, really, I am not a travel writer. The subtitle adds another level of explanation: I am a writer who travels.

Despite the name, expect travel writing, expect thoughts and musings, expect photos, talk of places and people and food. It will essentially be a continuation of the things I’ve shared on this site, with a little bit more…

Hopefully, I’ll see you there?


A New Home

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